The story of ROYAL BAMBOO was born out of the material, in Amsterdam in 2008. It was the eco-friendly grow process of the bamboo and the extremely attractive features of the bamboo fabric that pushed us into this adventure. This innovative and ultra-soft bamboo fabric showed us so many advantages, it called for a new fashion concept as good as itself.

Being inspired by the sustainability of bamboo, ROYAL BAMBOO founder Katja Buturlina wanted to bring a simple and authentic concept. The idea to create simple timeless fashion was born. Garments to be worn close to the skin, because of the incredible comfort and softness. Practical pieces that you can always wear, because they fit every style and because you really love them! This concept is now called ‘slow fashion’.

The colours of the collection are carefully selected and timeless as well. We have the classic colors black and ivory, these don’t need any explanation. We also have the nature-inspired colours like apricot, taupe and jade. These colours are timeless in their feminine and natural look.

Once you have found your perfect shirt, the one you really adore, in the next year it will still be here, like true love! Our collection is constant, it grows slowly and smart, and it becomes the perfect selection of fashion that is here to stay.

What’s in a name?

BAMBOO speaks for itself. All our products are made of bamboo yarn.

ROYAL because of the majesticity of the bamboo grass and because of the magnificent features of bamboo fabric. Bamboo has been for centuries one of the most powerful and strong symbols in Asia. But for us it really has proven itself to be the KING of fashion materials. We are experimenting with different usages of bamboo and hope to show you more of the innovative possibilities of this diverse and eco-friendly material in the near future!

The logo of ROYAL BAMBOO is for those who know how bamboo grows not a puzzle. If you ever have the opportunity and time ; ) look carefully next to the mature bamboo sticks, and you will find the eager young generation of bamboo sprouts coming out of the ground. We have three of these bamboo sprouts in our logo.