What is Slow Fashion?

Slow fashion is about being aware of the entire fashion process, from design to production to potential reuse. It is also about loving your clothes and keeping them as good as new for as long as possible. Royal Bamboo garments are made using the „slow fashion“ philosophy. From the outset, Royal Bamboo has based its vision on the values of the „slow fashion movement”. This vision is about finding a balance between ecological, ethical and aesthetical benefits. The result is a timeless collection. We hope to inspire the consumer to choose quality over quantity and authenticity over fast trends. We make timeless pieces with the idea that their owners will come to love them.

Ethics and Aesthetics

The creation process is just as important to us as the final result. When making our garments, we believe in sustainability, social responsibility, excellence, progress and passion! We have specialised in bamboo and work with reliable partners who have shown us where our clothes come from and that they are made under the proper social conditions. Our collection is consistent, this also means a consistent and predictable production flow. This gives our producers enough time to produce Royal Bamboo products and reduces time constraints, which benefits both the employees in the workshop and the quality of our products.

Timeless Design

At Royal Bamboo, we have a deeply rooted focus on timeless design. We’re developing a smart collection: clothing which is not limited to a single season or trend. Each model is designed with the perfect fit and a passion for detail in mind. We do not chase trends, but we always fit in! Royal Bamboo items are therefore sales-proof; the collection retains its value in this year as well as the next.